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Domestic Tanks

Water Cartage

Our stainless steel tankers are dedicated drinking water carriers only.

We are registered with the Water Boards and Health Department for transport of drinking water and are inspected on a regular basis.

Our staff are trained in the safe handling of water and work safe procedures

Deliveries can be arranged in the Yarra Valley, Dandenongs and Eastern, and outer Eastern Suburbs. Other areas by arrangement.

Water Level Indicators can be installed to allow our customers to arrange delivery before tanks become empty.

Pump Repairs and Replacement

We offer a service which includes removal of your pump and supply of a temporary pump while maintenance is carried out.  We  will replace your new or repaired pump after a quote for repairs or replacement is provided.





Australian Made Tank Filters

Keeps fine sediment and debris from entering and contaminating tanks.

 Place filter on top of strainer


Remove and clean when needed


 Replace and re-use